• Load capacity
    200 kg
  • Volume
    750 l
  • Power outlet
    20 A/12 V
  • Max. cargo hold length
    125 cm
  • Max. cargo hold width
    90 cm
  • Max. cargo hold height
    71 cm
  • Max. number of quarter pallet boxes
  • Largest unit
    125 x 60 x 60 cm
  • Heated and refrigerated option


  • Weight excl. battery
    221 kg
  • Weight incl. 8.0 kWh battery
    301 kg
  • Driving licence
    L2e (large EU moped)
  • Total length
    2,413 mm
  • Total width
    1,267 mm
  • Total height
    1,170 mm
  • Wheelbase
    1,500 mm
  • Front wheel gauge
    1,149 mm
  • Turning diameter
    7.5 m

Technical specifications

  • Top speed
    45 km/h
  • 0 - 30 km/h
    4 sec.
  • Maximum torque
    190 Nm
  • Nominal motor effect
    4 kW
  • Peak effect
    10 kW
  • Disc brakes
  • Driving wheel
    Rear wheel drive
  • Front tyres
    100/80 - 17" (MC)
  • Rear tyres
    130/60 - 13" (MC)


  • Battery size
    5.3 kWh
  • Battery size
    6.7 kWh
  • Battery size
    8.0 kWh
  • Charging time 5.3 kWh
    5.3 hours
  • Charging time 6.7 kWh
    6.7 hours
  • Charging time 8.0 kWh
    8.0 hours
  • Distance 5.3 kWh
    30-60 km
  • Distance 6.7 kWh
    50 - 80 km
  • Distance 8.0 kWh
    70 - 100 km

great comfort ensures job satisfaction

In designing TRIPL a great deal of thought has gone into driver comfort and pleasurable driving. The distance between the two front wheels and the back wheel has been carefully calibrated to ensure maximum three-point stability at all speeds and loads thanks to finely tuned McPherson suspension.

The display module located in the middle of the handlebars provides the driver with a clear overview of speed, number of kilometres driven, battery level, lights and indicators. The driver area is also equipped with a practical writing desk pad for note-taking.

Superb design, refined materials, balanced colours and superior utilisation of space all contribute towards a more pleasurable driving experience.

Get a better 'drive' with TRIPL

Get ahead of the game. Enjoy a better drive with TRIPL. The three-wheeled electric vehicle has a powerful 4 kW/72 V motor with a top speed of 45 km/h. A highly efficient direct-drive hub motor fitted to the rear wheel with no intermediate gear and clutch ensures minimum wear and tear and maintenance.

The motor is configured to ensure optimum range in relation to battery performance/acceleration/regeneration and reduced speed when reversing. The driver can increase motor power using a boost function that delivers extra power under challenging driving conditions.

Kick-start your sales and your brand and product promotions. Drive better with TRIPL and stay one step ahead of the competition.


TRIPL offers excellent road handling thanks to its finely tuned McPherson suspension and superb three-point stability at all speeds and loads. At the same time, a turning diameter of only 7.5 meters puts TRIPL in a class of its own – with safety guaranteed.
TRIPL is equipped with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes and a mechanical parking brake, which is easily activated from the handlebars. TRIPL comes with steering lock, parking lights, daytime running lights, brake lights front and rear, indicators front and rear and a hazard warning light as standard.

As an extra safety feature, TRIPL is equipped with a seat contact switch, ensuring that the vehicle can only be operated with a single driver at the controls.

Drivers must be 18 or over and possess a moped (45 km), motorcycle or car driving licence. As TRIPL has a top speed of 45 km/h, drivers are required to wear a crash helmet.

Easy to manoeuvre

With TRIPL, overcoming small urban roads and narrow streets inaccessible to lorries or vans could not be easier. The process of bringing out goods and delivering cargo is made highly efficient, and accessibility is aided by the fact that TRIPL can be put in reverse, so the driver can turn the vehicle quickly and proceed to the next delivery.


The following TRIPL extras are available:

  • Charger: 1 kW charger or 2 kW super fast charger (twice as fast as standard charger)
  • Nordic package: Windscreen, winter tyres and charging down to -20° C.
  • Cargo module: Heated or refrigerated
  • Customisation of cargo module according to your specifications
  • Holder: For GPS, smartphone or camera - see more
  • Mudguard trims
  • Foiling: Fit your TRIPL with foiling to achieve optimum branding
  • Climate box from Vibocold (2-21 degrees celsius) - see more
  • Refrigerator from Vibocold (3-8 degrees celsius) - see more
  • Freezer from Euroengel (down to minus 24 degrees celsius) - see more
  • Inverter to standard 230 voltage from Premium (for tools)
  • Remote control from Tegllund for opening of the lid

Extra features in the pipeline:

  • Power steering

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