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EWII Mobility A/S registers your personal data at so that we can provide our customers and visitors to the site with the best possible service.

You should be aware that you accept our personal data and cookie policy and use of cookies when you visit

We do not collect data that are not described in our personal data policy and we never collect personal data without you having provided this information yourself – e.g. by registering, buying goods or taking part in a survey or questionnaire.

EWII Mobility’s personal data policy

When you visit, EWII Mobility collects your personal data. Below you can see the data we collect, how we process this information and who you can contact if you have any questions or comments about our guidelines.

Please be advised that you automatically accept our guidelines by visiting

We do not collect data that are not described in our personal data policy, just as we do not collect data that can be referred to you without first informing you as to how this can be avoided.

In general, you should be aware that as an internet user you leave an electronic trail that can be traced by others.

EWII Mobility stores registered personal data for as long as necessary in order to provide quality service to visitors to

You can always gain access to your registered personal data. You can at any time object to any registration of your personal data in accordance with the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data.

The personal information we collect falls into two categories:

  1. Data that can be referred to you as an individual
  2. Non-personal data

Personal referable data

We never collect personal referable data without you first having supplied these data. For example by registering with us, buying a product or participating in a survey or questionnaire.

Everyone is welcome to visit, but to derive maximum benefit from all functions and offers you will be required to identify yourself in a number of situations. For example, you provide personal referable data in the following situations:

  • Newsletters:
    In order to receive newsletters from EWII Mobility it is necessary for you to provide your email address – otherwise we cannot send our newsletters to you.
  • Questionnaires:
    To gain a better understanding of our users, we sometimes carry out questionnaire surveys at The subject matter may vary, but you can always participate without revealing your identity – just as responding to the questionnaire is entirely voluntary. Your visit to or your options at are not affected by your decision to take part/not take part in our questionnaires.
    You should never take part in surveys or questionnaires at that do not have a clearly identifiable sender.
  • Competitions and special offers:
    We have competitions or special offers at, and in this connection we typically collect names and email addresses. If this information is to be shared with other companies, it will be clearly stated in the competition/special offer material. Subsequent contact by EWII or others may be a condition for participating in the competition. This will be clearly stated in the competition/special offer material. Participation in competitions and acceptance of special offers are always on a voluntary basis.

Non Personal data

We collect a range of digital information in connection with your visit to None of this information is individually traceable and can only be traced back to the computer providing internet access.