• Eco-friendly and quiet

    TRIPL helps to cut pollution and is very quiet. TRIPL is therefore pproved for operating in urban environmental zones.

  • Economical running costs

    TRIPL is very cost-efficient and can be used for deliveries with a TCO of as little as 0,11 EUR/km. TCO = Total Cost of Ownership.

  • Fast and efficient

    TRIPL is small, agile and manoeuvrable, even in confined areas. Its top speed is 45 km/h, and its range is 100 km on a single charge.

  • Flexible cargo module

    TRIPL’s cargo module is flexible, and can be adapted for various purposes, for example for carrying large or small packets, or hot and cold food and drinks.

  • Good working environment

    TRIPL is mounted and dismounted from the rear to ensure optimal ergonomics for the rider. The seat is height-adjustable, ensuring the perfect driving position.

Tomorrow’s solution for goods delivery

TRIPL is tomorrow’s solution for goods delivery in urban areas. TRIPL is quiet and has zero CO2 emissions. This eco-friendly and energy-efficient electric vehicle is therefore ideal for goods delivery in large cities, where it will contribute to less pollution and cleaner air.

Thanks to TRIPL’s unique design, it is fast and agile, and able to access areas inaccessible to other vehicles. TRIPL can thus help improve accessibility and relieve traffic congestion in major cities. With a low TCO, it is a significantly cheaper solution for minor transport needs than a small van. Its low TCO and high efficiency will therefore help to improve your operating economy. TRIPL’s unique design will catch people’s attention and serve as a mobile advertising medium for your brand.

TRIPL is a robust electric vehicle which is eco-friendly and cheap to run – and offers many advantages. TRIPL exudes quality and energy – and offers much more than you would expect from a vehicle in this class.

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  • top speed
  • Distance
  • Carrying capacity
  • Co2 emissions
    during operation

Unique design and supreme functionality

TRIPL is a Danish designed electric vehicle which clearly proves that innovative design and functionality can indeed go hand in hand. As a highly robust vehicle with a unique design, TRIPL also offers uncompromising functionality.

Our unique concept enables TRIPL to be fast, agile and adroit, accessing areas inaccessible to other vehicles. The vehicle’s high degree of accessibility means that it can help to relieve traffic congestion in major cities. TRIPL also features a spacious cargo hold that can accommodate more and bigger packages than a vehicle of comparable size.

TRIPL is the first electric vehicle of its kind. Its unique design causes it to stand out in the crowd, providing a great eye-catching way to brand your business. Easy to foil with personalised messages, TRIPL is sure to be noticed – whether you are delivering goods in urban environments or using TRIPL to showcase your products at trade fairs, festivals and similar events.

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Zero CO2 emission and low noise

TRIPL is designed to be eco-friendly – in a number of ways. As an electric vehicle, it emits zero CO2 during operation.
TRIPL can thus reduce your CO2 footprint, helping to ensure a cleaner urban environment. TRIPL is therefore approved for use in the environmental zones that already exist in many major cities.

Another important environmental consideration is TRIPL’s low noise emission. Less noise in major cities benefits everyone, ensuring greater comfort and driving pleasure for the driver and benefiting everyone in TRIPL’s immediate surroundings.

Long Life Reliable battery

TRIPL is manufactured entirely from high-quality components. The batteries are supplied by SAMSUNG SDI and produced to uncompromising standards.

TRIPL’s battery is available in three different sizes. With an 8.0 kWh lithium-ion battery, TRIPL can drive up to 100 km, depending on the number of starts and stops. 
An 8.0 kWh battery takes 8 hours to fully charge using a standard 1 kWh charger. A super fast charger that can charge an 8.0 kWh battery in 4.5 hours is also available.

The battery has a long service life and even after 1,500 charges or approximately five years’ use, it will still deliver 80% of full capacity.

The batteries can be charged at temperatures down to 0° C using a standard charger. A Nordic Package is also available, enabling the battery to be charged at temperatures down to -20° C.

  • To be charged at
  • Distance up to
  • Step 1

    Locate the charger. You will find it in the specially designed compartment in the cargo hold.

  • Step 2

    Plug the charger into the socket on the side of TRIPL.

  • Step 3

    Connect the charger to a standard 230 V socket and turn on the power supply. The battery charges at a rate of 1 kWh every hour.

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